CIAL Tsurumi

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CIAL Tsurumi, celebrated the 6th anniversary in 2018, is a retail facility that is adjacent to JR Tsurumi station. Nearly 70 shops and restaurants occupy the basement and first six floors of the building. Zagetsu kazuha and Karesansui, Zen cafe,  are always relaxing place for enjoying coffee and tea.

Kosansui, Zagetsudou, the Japanese garden,  is located on the rooftop of the building. This garden was designed by Sunmyo Masuno who is a landscape architect and chief priest of the Tokuyuuzan Kenkoji- temple, the one of the oldest Zen temples in Tsurumi Ward. Kenkoji- temple was founded in 1560s by Suwa Mikawanokami Umanosuke, who was the 5th the lord of Terao castle and serving under the house of Hojo in Odawara.

The temple is associated with the Soto sect, one of the olderst schools within Japanese Buddhism. Before being ordained as a chief priest of Kenkoji- temple, Sunmyo Masuno practiced in Sojiji temple.

Once you go there, you’ll experience tranquility and harmony of the garden.

At Zen cafe, created by experienced carpenters specializing in constructing and repairing temples , shrines, and VIP guest houses, you’ll notice the delicate tatami and shoji which are made in Kyoto. Traditional Japanese -style cafe food, a meditative cup of tea (Matcha), Japanese style fruits parfait (Anmitsu), Udon with yuba, and boiled rice with tea (Ochazuke), are available. CIAL Tsurumi is the only place you’ll experience the authentic Zen culture.

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