Dounen Inari Shrine

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Dounen Inari shrine is located in the 600m to the east from    

Namamugi station.

According to the historical report (of the shirine), this shrine was built by Kazunari Dounen who practiced Buddhism deep in Shichimen mountain, the deep inside of the Shinen mountain in Yamanashi prefecture. Shichimen mountain is famous for the story of big snake.

Jamo- Kamo festival is held every year on June 6th and is an intangible folk-cultural properties of city of Yokohama. Local children and young people in the festival outfit carry a giant saw- grass snake and shout the chanting “jamo-kamo detake  hiyorino ameke detake detake” while parading down the street in all its glory. By chanting, people wish for good health and luck because there often droughts, storms, and other natural disasters during summer. According to legend, this festival started approximately 300 years ago when people  packed all the evil things in the saw-grass snake and dumped it in the ocean to eradicate the epidemic.

Jamo-kamo festival (Omatsuri) is usually held on the first sunday of June.

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